About Us

CoreChain Technologies helps businesses to pay other business electronically for goods and services more quickly and efficiently compared to manual methods like paper checks, while unlocking lending opportunities for working capital tied up in unpaid invoices.

We are building the first Business-to-Business (B2B) network using enterprise Blockchain technology to automate the exchange of transaction data and funds within a secure environment, reducing painful reconciliation and error-prone manual processes, while empowering existing B2B Marketplaces and B2B Software Platforms to offer payments and financing to the $40T B2B Payments market in North America via our API-driven platform.

Founded at the end of 2018 and based at the District innovation campus in New Haven, Connecticut, CoreChain is an early-stage startup led by proven FinTech and Blockchain entrepreneurs.

CoreChain is pleased to announce our selection of R3’s Corda distributed ledger network technology for our digital asset platform.